Freckled Fawn First Online Annual Sale

For a scrapbooker like me, who reads and talks about scrapbooking to anyone who would listen, this pink fawn is an absolute favourite! Known in the scrapbook world for their awesome and cute embellishments, almost anyone I know sings their praises. Now of course for me cuteness is not the only factor, I have to think about the shipping fee. I always told myself that I don’t need those cute embellishments what I get from my Studio Calico Project Life subscription kit is more than enough. It is but sometimes you want to add that extra something, in my case a wood veneer is always good. In my eyes it adds a cuteness factor that I can’t get from a chipboard.

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So It Begins

Have no idea what I'm doing
Have no idea what I’m doing!!

I don’t know whats wrong with me before I do anything I always do a LOT of reasearch by watching a lot of tutorials and videos online then I HAVE to attend a class. I know right. A class for Project life? One of the reason why I love project life is the ease of use compared to normal scrapbooking but I somehow cannot start a single layout. I get overwhelmed with products and the PL kits that I want to have. Anyway, for my first Project Life class I decided on Lasting Impression’s I {Heart} Summer class which features kit from Simple Stories.

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I {Heart} Summer Class

Lasting Impression I Heart Summer Project Life Class
Lasting Impression I Heart Summer Project Life Class

This Saturday I had a break from my Pastry class which is a n excellent timing since that would mean I’m free to attend the I {Heart} Summer scrapbooking session held at Lasting Impression in San Juan. I’ve been itching to get my hands on those kits since a couple of months ago and they are always sold out! Even on 2peas they are sold out! So this is now or never.

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Printing Time!

Studio Calico kits: Mark & Co Project Life kit and Valley High Project Life Kit
Travel Photos with my Studio Calico Kits

First time after so many years, I went to have my photos developed. I had to walk 2 blocks from my house then to find out that my usual developing lab is closed! Luckily the lasy behind the counter told me that there is a Kodak lab a block away. There I went, I mean I already walked this far might as well get it over with.

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Its here! Its here!

SC Marks & Co and Valley High kit
SC Marks & Co and Valley High kit

They are HERE!

Can you tell I’m super excited! Tonight I got the notice from the post office to come and claim my item. I’m super stoke! I have to get it asap! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever since I ordered it but in reality it took 20 days since I finally gave in and ordered it.

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Hello Project Life <3

Project Life Pack
My First Project Life Pack

My first Project Life is here!! Its Clementine and Seafoam partial kits, which I bought off some PL scrapping Filipina I met online. Awesome! Now I got to sort out all my photos. 🙂 I even purchased my first album binder, I’m using the teal colored 6×8 snap binder. Ever since I saw Martha Stewart’s Staples Office line, I love the teal color!

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Scrapping Bug Bit Me!

Studio Calico Promo
Studio Calico Promo

OMG! the scrapping bug bit me! A few years back when everybody is crazed about scrapbooking I was like oh that’s just a waste of time and money. these corporations are just there to get your money. I did dabble in a bit scrapbooking, I even took up one class and found it a bit tideious since for a page, I had to do all those layering of photos? so not for me. I manage to complete one for my Godmother’s 70th birthday I must admit compared to other scrapbookers mine is like cut and paste. I myself is not that much proud with it. As I was doing it I didn’t get that satisfaction or contentment as you should in doing any hobby.

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