Week 3 Busy Week

Before starting a PL spread, I always think about my “week” card and want to make it more special. Look what a few sequins and enamel stars can do! It makes the page look more special. I love that as I do this spread I get reminded what happened during the past week. It may sound weird but as I go about my week I always think of what to include in my spread. So for example, I went to some awesome place I see it that I took some photos that I can use.

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Week 2 Happy Mail

Happy Mail Week!!! I love receiving happy mails from all over the world! I can’t wait to tear into my mail as soon as I get them and worry later when I get my credit card bill!! Moreover, what could be more fun that feature the food that I like and don’t like. I imagine myself flipping through my album when I’m all old and grey and seeing if my taste change very much.

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Happy Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day!

Ok kill me now I turned into one of those sappy lovey dovey person! I’m so blaming you April Joy! I “met” April through IG, she creates this fun and cute paper crafts that she uses to exchange with her penpals. I kept forgetting to drop her an email. Anyway, I’ve been stalking following April’s IG account for few months now and been always amaze with her creations.

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Week One – The Begining

wk1_loI have a confession to make, I think I’m getting too addicted to Project Lifing. Not only am I stalking Studio Calico, TwoPeas and A Cherry on Top for new scrapbook items would take me ages before I get my hands on them. I also do my project life at night when everybody is quiet (except my upstairs neighbor), not only that I often find myself awake till 3am in the morning finishing up my spread.

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New Year New Project Life

DSC03968_loHappy New Year everyone! 2014 is here which means a new goal setting, new years resolution and new project life. I’ve been pondering on what my cover page should be this year. I started 2013 half the year last year and its more sporadically, this year though I plan to be diligent about it and do it weekly. Doesn’t need to be a spread though I’ll be content with having logged several photos throughout the week and would you believe that I actually find handwritten journaling quite fun! though my handwriting is still something I don’t brag about but I learned that I like reading what happened in a particular photo.

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New Becky Higgins Products

Project Life Storage Tote
Project Life Storage Tote

OMG! This got me all excited! Becky Higgins just announced new products for the coming year 2014. Being such an OC person I’ve been looking for a product that could help me organized all my project life cards. Now for people in the US this is nothing new because they have access to Close To my Heart tote which a friend of mine told me loos exactly like this. However, based on my research the ever so popular CTMH tote are only available through direct sellers which for me is so not an option. Now my only problem would be to encourage my LSS to carry this item! 😀

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My First Card


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in crafts but quite recently I’m embracing it more often than I used to. Maybe because now I can afford it and the designs are not as iky as before. I remember always watching Carol Duvall’s show after school. I’ve been always the watcher and less the doer as I always say I basically have an idea how things are done and when I have to do it myself its actually a different ball game.

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