Printing Time!

Studio Calico kits: Mark & Co Project Life kit and Valley High Project Life Kit
Travel Photos with my Studio Calico Kits

First time after so many years, I went to have my photos developed. I had to walk 2 blocks from my house then to find out that my usual developing lab is closed! Luckily the lasy behind the counter told me that there is a Kodak lab a block away. There I went, I mean I already walked this far might as well get it over with.

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Its here! Its here!

SC Marks & Co and Valley High kit
SC Marks & Co and Valley High kit

They are HERE!

Can you tell I’m super excited! Tonight I got the notice from the post office to come and claim my item. I’m super stoke! I have to get it asap! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever since I ordered it but in reality it took 20 days since I finally gave in and ordered it.

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Hello Project Life <3

Project Life Pack
My First Project Life Pack

My first Project Life is here!! Its Clementine and Seafoam partial kits, which I bought off some PL scrapping Filipina I met online. Awesome! Now I got to sort out all my photos. 🙂 I even purchased my first album binder, I’m using the teal colored 6×8 snap binder. Ever since I saw Martha Stewart’s Staples Office line, I love the teal color!

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Scrapping Bug Bit Me!

Studio Calico Promo
Studio Calico Promo

OMG! the scrapping bug bit me! A few years back when everybody is crazed about scrapbooking I was like oh that’s just a waste of time and money. these corporations are just there to get your money. I did dabble in a bit scrapbooking, I even took up one class and found it a bit tideious since for a page, I had to do all those layering of photos? so not for me. I manage to complete one for my Godmother’s 70th birthday I must admit compared to other scrapbookers mine is like cut and paste. I myself is not that much proud with it. As I was doing it I didn’t get that satisfaction or contentment as you should in doing any hobby.

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