I Got a STAR!!!

For my readers who are not a Studio Calico members, this simply means that I’ve been subbing with this awesome company for a year and I got a star in my avatar!!! Being a Reward member (star holder), simply means I get to enjoy subbing with Studio Calico more since I would be getting more subber “benefits” 🙂 … More I Got a STAR!!!

My Ikea Råskog

I’m a sort of OCD person; everything must have their proper place. I like buying organization materials like baskets, boxes and containers to house my every growing scrapbook supplies. I have tons of unused supplies mostly from last year’s Black Friday grab bags and Secret Santa exchange gifts. My tiny apartment is turning into crap … More My Ikea Råskog

Reveal Day!

Guess what today is? It’s Studio Calico Reveal Day! Reveal day is the day in the month where Studio Calico show what is the upcoming kit and this is also your chance to buy additional kits (add-ons) that greatly compliments your main kit. Oh happy day! I got so excited that an hour before the … More Reveal Day!

Piling Up

My little apartment is turning into a stock room, full of boxes every where! To think I only started scrapbooking again last year! I know part of the problem is I love buying grab bags bang for your buck way of thinking and I get loads of stuff at discounted price, however some of the … More Piling Up