Mixed Media 101 Workshop

This is my 3rd workshop that I’ve ever attended in Lasting Impression. Of all the workshop I’ve seen, I’m most excited about this one because I’ve been wanting to try first hand about mixed media though admittedly I’ve seen online courses by none other than Celine Navarro but I never got the courage to try it myself. I think of this workshop as my stepping stone. The instructor is none other than Iris Babao Uy.

In this workshop, we use papers from Maggie Holmes Open Book collection. I had to fussy cut out entire sheet of paper filled with flowers!! Fussy cutting sucks!! I have to get a more precise cutting scissorsin the future. We were told to fussy cut in advanced but there is no way that I could go there days in advanced just to get a couple of sheet of paper because I live quite far. Torturous fussy cutting aside I’ve learned a lot from Iris, out instructor. Iris Babao Uy is one of the popular scrapbookers who does layouts for Webster Pages.

Since this workshops are for newbies like me Iris taught us how to use distress inks, distress daubers, gelatos and ink blending tool. We were also taught how to play with these mediums. I love it! The creative mess part, I’m sure if I do it at home I wouldn’t like it as much since I would have to do the clean up too! Anyway, learning about mixed media first hand is amazing! I learned so much that I want to try it ASAP!

After teaching use the background, she gave us time to replicate what she did. At first mine looks like nothing of what she did but in the end it turned out beautiful! So glad I took this class, I found a new love for distress inks and daubers!! Oh no more items to collect! Lol!


Kelly Purkey in Manila!!


I got to meet Kelly Purkey in Manila!! Woohoo!! I couldn’t believe it! As soon as Life Documented Manila announced that they are hosting this event. I quickly signed up! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that I sure don’t want to missed. Its was a one day event where KP taught 2 kinds of classes. AM class is for Project Life and PM class is for mini album. The event was held yesterday June 6, 2015 at Open Space, Makati City. The space itself was small but cozy. It just enough to to accommodate a coffee bar, mini snack bar and a LDM merchandise pop up.

AM – Project Life Pages. I arrived just in time before the class started. I’m a huge bundle of nerves! I’m so excited and at the same time scared of what to expect. I was totally blown away on how fast paced the class was. In a span of 2 hours, we were able to create around 16 different project life cards! I like how versatile and different it felt making our own project life cards from 6×6 paper pad, stickers, ephemeras and stamps.  Now I can use my ample stash of 6×6 paper pads, I have managed to collect quite a few.

PM –Mini Book ClassWith few sheets of 12×12 pattern paper, ephemera die cut pack and KP’s wallet album system, we manage to make a cute mini album in the span of 2 hours! So cool!

After each classes, we had an opportunity to take a instax photo with KP. In my excitement, I forgot to ask them to take a digital photo of KP and I! After the much needed photo op, it’s shopping time! In a corner of the venue, LDM have a pop up shop. Good thing though that I brought an ample cash with me. I was so tempted to get two new KP’s kits, I however have to be more practical. With a couple of hours debating what to get, I manage to take home 4 kinds of 3×4 stamps! 2 pieces are from Clearly Kelly line and the other 2 are from the newly released LDM stamps.

The workshop participants also get to take home an exclusive LDM kit with stamp! Its a nice addition to out loot bag, though for me personally it would be nicer if the kit or the stamp aren’t sold else where but I guess it’s better for their business. All in all I can say, it was a fun way to spend a day learning and scrapbooking with people who shares the same hobbies/passion as me.

Mini Folio

Summer is officially here! There are lots of workshops around the Metro from swimming lessons to piano lessons. For me though I was thinking of picking up a watercolor lesson workshop but alast I was too slow and the slots filled up very fast. I did however tried this class of Ime from Lasting Impression one of the few LSS here in the metro. Though admittedly I hate going their because its too far from me but all the scrapbookers who wants to crop goes there so I packed up my materials and went. I of course was late and wasn’t able to hear the full lesson. Ime the instructor was nice enough to teach me what to do. I, of course since it was my first time doing a grunge looking mini album was a bit lost. Since everyone seems to be doing their own thing. I tried to make mine at least passable. I did however made a mistake of bringing a new AC tape runner but I think its an old stock or something cause I swear it does not stick! I had better luck with a cheap ass tape runner that I got in the bookstore.


In this workshop we used Tim Holtz folio as the base, prima butterflies and flowers as embellishments and some Maggie Holmes embellishment die cuts. Though this class is no way for beginners in the sense that beginners would probably get overwhelmed specially for they shy type. Its more of a question and answer type of thing or probably because I was late I didn’t see the step by step instruction if there is one. In designing the folio itself though, the instructor gives you freedom to choose what sort of designs or layout that you want to do whatever floats your boat. Which is nice but I tend to panic and get lost on what I should do. Luckily in the end I did manage to calm down and made a passable folio. Its surprisingly cute but its not something that I would say me. I did like the fact that it felt like I was crafting since the process of making the folio was messy. All in all, it was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

The environment is another story, most of the attendees are friends and they know each other already probably known each other for a long long time, so they have their own little clicks they chatted about anything under the sun while creating. That part I love, I can’t wait for the time that I get to walk into the room and people would recognize me and chat with me. Anyways, what I found a little bit off putting is that since they already knew each other for so long there are those people who are whiney, jokingly I know but to hear a whiney voice for more than 30 minutes? when I went there to relax and learn some new technique is a bit off putting. Another thing that I noticed that since it is a rather informal workshop, participants can come and go as they pleases and it is a bit nerve racking for newbies like me! Lol! I’m being such a cry baby I know.

My personal verdict? The class was straight forward and having no background at all about mixed media I would say it was worth attending at least once, just to give you ground rules.

Secret Santa 2014

I just got one of the most amazing happy mail ever!! Like the year before, last year I joined Secret Santa event which was participated by Studio Calico ladies. I love joining event like this cause I love making a sort of care package for my recipient. Though its actually nerve racking whether or not my recepient would love or hate what I would choose for her based on the list of her likes and dislikes. I like the Studio Calico community wherein people are always so helpful and generous! Who in their right mind would not like ladies like that right? Certainly not me. I actually think I have a Studio Calico addition cause every time I go online I always check out the forum just to pop in and see what the ladies are talking about. Continue reading “Secret Santa 2014”

Hello 2015!

Hello 2015! I’m not the type of person who plans or think about what I’m going to do tomorrow. I’m more of a now person, this two weeks of vacation time due to the holiday season gave me time to think of what’s my next step with this hobby. I formally started Project Life-ing last year, and honestly I have a couple of months that I need catch up on. I have lots of ideas in my head and I can’t seem to translate them well on paper, so I decided to write them down and give myself a deadline.

Things that I am hoping to happen in 2015:

  1. Blog more – though I actually am able to make lots of PL spreads in 2014, I wasn’t able to share those in my blog and Instagram. Hence my blog and IG feels so empty.
  2. Scrappy Manila shop – I want my online shop to grow more. I am currently looking into making an online shop where people can place their orders. My current set up is through Viber or Facebook, for some reason a lot of people find it difficult to see which are currently on hand and which are not. I cannot wait to restock my shop!
  3. Midnight Baker – aside from being a Project Lifer, I also am a cake decorator. For this 2015, I wish to have more cake orders and further enhanced my decorating skills.
  4. I want to further enhanced my techniques and be able to teach what I love.
  5. Be a Creative / Design Team (have absolutely no idea how to do this)
  6. I would love to be invited to attend CHA (lol! so wishful thinking this one)

Projects that I need to finish by 2015 (hopefully!!):

  1. Pastry School album – I really need to finish this one! I’ve started last year December and I scrapped everything and re did it for a couple of weeks and just set it aside unfinished!! I really had a great time in my stint in pastry school and I want to document it.
  2. Project Life 2015 – last year 2014, I did it PL in a 2 – big ass 12×12 album and with my limited space and all. This year I’m planning to use Studio Calico’s 9 x 12 album, Studio Calico would probably release these after CHA 2015. So for now, armed with my iPhone, I take loads of picture and jot down my week in my planner.
  3. Travel Album – I have atleast 2 in my mind that I want to make. Trying not to start on these until I finished my Pastry School album.

Hopefully, I get to accomplished 3-4 of these! Have a great year ahead!

Far Far Away Reveal

Far Far Away Project Life kit
Far Far Away Project Life kit

Happy Holidays my scrappy readers! Taking a break from all the holiday merriment for the much-awaited Studio Calico reveal day! The January Studio Calico kit is called Far Far Away. It has a cutesy feel without being too kiddie like or too girly. I personally love it! I’m so glad I didn’t cancel my subscription. Cancel my SC subscription??? Well..that would be in another post. For now, I’m still a subber and still enjoying all the perks and let me continue gushing over this new release.

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Happy Mail from Down Under

IMG_6508.JPGAfter days of non stop baking for my niece’s upcoming birthday, I decided to take a happy mail break. I quickly went to the post office to claim my mail. I was expecting my Kikki-K planner which was mailed months ago or maybe my Kelly Purkey Black Friday or maybe my Secret Santa mail came. When I saw the box it said Australia, I was thinking of my secret Santa is an Aussie. I quickly dropped by a milk tea shop with a wifi connection of course and open up my package.

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