My Fur Baby’s Birthday Week

In a few days is Mylo’s 2nd birthday!!! I’m turning into one of those dog owners who treats their pets as babies. Lol! Not that there is anything wrong with that. Continue reading “My Fur Baby’s Birthday Week”


Hello Happy Planner

I just joined the planner bandwagon! Eek! Yes I know I told myself before that I have no business doing planners and buying planner related products because I’m already doing project life. Even though I was having second thoughts about getting one this Hello Life version of the happy planner was calling my name. I got pushed over to the happy planner side when I chanced upon a post of a person de-stashing her undated mambi happy planner for only Php 1,350 (approx. $28) including the shipping. ME ME ME ME MEEEEEE!!
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