Versatility of Pocket Life Kit

This month have been a busy month for me and I was kind of getting worried that my pocket life kit from Citrus Twist is taking its sweet time coming to my doorstep. So I planned ahead on what to do when the kit came, well..not exactly extensive planning though… more of what pictures to use and if I will use it as a pocket life entry in my album this year or make a mini album out of it.

In all honesty, I have started lots and lots of mini album and I think I only managed to really finished one, which was my trip to Korea. So I was hesitant to do a separate mini album, but there are lots of photos that I want to include. While pondering on what to use, I chance upon someone destashing a Passport size Traveler’s Notebook in one of the facebook sites that I am a member in. Fast forward to the day my kit came.

The kit itself is not a travel themeish however, it does have an outdoorsy feel with all the butterflies and flowers in the exclusive ephemera pack. So I challenge myself to use up most of the products in my kit. I quickly cut to size the Dream paper pad before I change my mind, printed my photos to size and planned out where to use the journal cards.

I try to simplify my process by having a pattern in what I create so that not every page is unique or special, Most of my “spreads” are consist of one page photo and the opposite page is a journaling card with journal or just plain filler card. After that I would try out the embellishment which ones I feel that would fit and suit the “spread”.

For sceneries, I have the habit of taking panoramic shots with my phone, so I try to incorporate those by doing in in a single spread, like this photo above.

The first time I saw this grey die cut piece that is included in the kit, I sure did look for ways how to use it. In the end, I use it simply by putting in in the middle of the page with few muted down embellishments so as not to attract too much confusion. Moreover, as much as I love using the enamel dots in my layouts, I was hesitant to go crazy with those in this album because I was already having trouble with it being too bulky.

Just for fun, I made this little flip up using the tab and labels from the cut apart sheet that is included in this month’s kit. It’s a simple and yet a nice surprise.

My favourite spread in this traveler’s notebook is this one. When closed the panel looks like just one ordinary spread. I did cheat a little by using a 12×12 sheet of patterned paper that I have laying around. It doesn’t hurt that it has gold foiling in it. Anything with gold foil, I am so all over it.

When that panel is open, it would show page with photos layered with bush of the ephemeras. My favourite this month is the die cut ephemeras so I just had to use them up in this album. I love how the die cut word looks so natural among the other ephemeras.

I used the labels in the cut apart sheet and use the stamp set to find words that are closely related to the pictures.

I just couldn’t resist using this cure puffy sunglass sticker that is from the Embellishment kit.

In the end its all fat and chunky, however since its very small and handy, I wouldn’t have a problem where to store it. Which is one of my problem, living in a small city apartment.

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