Shopping Haven

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Singapore. The last time I was there was year 2012 or was it 2011. I was with my mom and we did was mostly touristy. This time around, I’m with my high school friends and we went there to relax and unwind from the daily grind of our work. So we basically went there to shop, eat and basically catch up with each others lives. Its been a while since we saw each other and so we have lots of things to talk about.

I’ve been quite busy in the office leading to the days of our trip that didn’t get to do indept research for our itenerary. Since my friends said they just want to have fun and relax that is exactly what we did. I did manage to ask advice from one of my IG friends who frequents Singapore. I of course asked about the scrapbook stores there! I was quite in awe how fast the supplies are and the supplies are fairly new releases! I remember thinking to myself since I am having a hard time getting a visa in the US, going to SG to shop for scrap supplies is the next best thing.


On this trip we are quite lucky to have local guide at night. One is my friend’s brother’s friend’s wife phew! That is a mouthful! She took us to Chinatown and she showed us where to get Chili Crab!! Woohoo! Then our most frquent guide is our high school friend K who is now based in SG. For two nights, she walk us around SG and showed us where to get the best photos and what to eat! Can you see the pattern here? We love to eat!

My friends were nice that they let me go though the difference scrapbook stores namely Made with Love, Spotlight and Papermarket. Its such a thrill finding a scrapbook store much nearer to home. During this first scrapbook excursion I tried not to go too scrapbook crazy. I did manage to grabbed a WRMK Fuse Tool (UK version). UK versions are 220v which is what our electric connection here in Philippines.


I couldn’t wait to take the fuse for a test drive! I sure am going to come back here in Singapore.


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