Far Far Away Reveal

Happy Holidays my scrappy readers! Taking a break from all the holiday merriment for the much-awaited Studio Calico reveal day! The January Studio Calico kit is called Far Far Away. It has a cutesy feel without being too kiddie like or too girly. I personally love it! I’m so glad I didn’t cancel my subscription. Cancel my SC subscription??? Well..that would be in another post. For now, I’m still a subber and still enjoying all the perks and let me continue gushing over this new release.

Far Far Away Project Life kit
Far Far Away Project Life kit

Upon seeing the sneaks this month, nothing fancied me. I was glad because I promised myself not to spend too much in Studio Calico later year because my boy friend and I are planning a trip so I better save up!  Then I made a huge error of checking out one of the Creative Teams, Garalyn Sy’s IG and blog. I was hooked lined and sinker! I got to have those!! Everything she designs, I love!! I guess it has do do with the fact that her designs are hip and versatile. I can use them for travel or foodie or just plain everyday occasions. So I blame you Garalyn for enabling me!!! 😀 Can you blame me, look how gorgeous these are??? Jump over to Studio Calico and grab yourself some of these cuties before they ran out! Everyday Moments Stamp (left side) and  Washi Tape Set (right side)

In a Creative Buble - Far Far Away Product Designs
In a Creative Bubble – Far Far Away Product Designs

Aside from these other items jumped into my cart too!! Oh man, I’m in big trouble!! Trouble with capital T! I also happened to get 2 alpha stamps Mia and Alyra. They look so cute and different from any other alpha stamps that I really must have them! I almost missed these, I just kept refreshing my browser and luckily I was able to grab them!

Far Far Away Alpha Stamps: Alyra (Left) & Mia (Right)

Lastly, I got some wonderful pattern papers! 😀 These pattern papers are from the scrapbook kit and the scrapbook add-ons aren’t they pretty!! I was actually going to get the one on the right side. However, with my rush to check out I didn’t realize that the other pattern paper pack was in my cart too! Good thing though that I saved up quite a few calico points to pay for most of this purchase. My bank account is quite happy and so am I!

pattern-papersFor my readers who wishes to join Studio Calico, just click on the referral link and we would get $5 extra spending money. To see the other kits go to Studio Calico and you can purchase the kits separately if you don’t want to commit to a subscription.

Till the next post everyone!

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