My Biggest Haul Ever!

I do most of my shopping in Studio Calico and other on-line stores. Don’t get me wrong, we do have a LSS here in Manila, I don’t frequent it very much because its very far and a bit complicated to go to with public transportation but when I do I shop like there’s no tomorrow! Lol! That is why when I do make an effort to go there, I see to it that its during one of their semi annual sale which is usually on May and November. Though they offer through phone or text orders sometimes its difficult and frustrating since “kuya” and “ate” are not that verse in the scrapbooking world but its bearable since they are very accommodating and helpful.

November Haul - All
My BIGGEST haul ever!!!

What makes this shopping expedition is that my LSS is having one of their semi-annual sale, though admittedly compared to regular sales in the US our 5% off is not much but its better than paying full price so I splurge a little bit. I also bought these stuff not just for me mind you, some of them will go to 2 lucky ladies whom I’m doing a Secret Santa Exchange with.  I sure hope they would love it. I know if I get those I would be over the moon! Postage is quite expensive specially if put into a huge box, I concentrated on project life items that are small and compact but still keeping in mind their likes and dislikes.

The first thing I did was go through the 60% off section, unfortunately I didn’t see interesting items there because those are super old collections and so not my style. Off I went to the new stuff section. I first checked out their selection of Becky Higgins items, I am happy to report that there are now a lot of choices compared to before but I didn’t get any for myself since I am selling those in my little online store Scrappy Manila.

I started shopping for my Secret Santa ladies because if I started thinking about what I want or what I need I might forget about them and spend all my spending money on me! Yikes! 😀 it actually was hard to find something for someone who is a total opposite of the sort of things you go for. I kept thinking is this vintage or just plain old looking?? Lol! It was a difficult task but someone has to do it! J Now that I’m home and incorporated some items that I want to give them I’m every happy. My Secret Santa boxes are now ready for a personal touch. I’ll get to that in a later post.

Now since I’m so giddy with my scrapbook find, I must need share it with you, so if you don’t care switch to another website now.

Embossing ToolsMy one of my big purchase in this visit is my heat tool. I got the Ranger Heat Gun, which is already 220v so I don’t need to purchase a transformer just to make a heat gun work. Last time they didn’t have the 220v variety was almost tempted just to get the 110v kind and just use transformers like a lot of scrapbookers here. But no I don’t like the added hassle of having a transformer, so I waited and I finally got it! Woohoo! This new wanting to try embossing is all Jennifer Mcguire’s fault. If you guys are carmakers and you don’t know her or don’t follow her on youTube, you must do so by now because she is amazing! Here video tutorials are the best! Anyway, as I was saying Jennifer inspired me to try embossing powders because she makes it look so easy! Now armed with a heat gun and embossing powders, let’s see what I can do.


I finally found it! Amy Tangerine Stitched Template, this one comes from her Yes, Please collection I actually tired ordering it here though phone, they couldn’t understand what I’m trying to say. Lol! Good thing that there isn’t a lot of hand stitching addicts like me! I’m so giddy I managed to finally find it! I like using her templates to add a little touch of fun and quirkiness in my PL spreads. Then from the wall of thickers, I got a couple from my favorite designers Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy of course. The Amy Tangerine ones is from her Plus One collection, it also comes in black but the store doesn’t have it. The Dear Lizzy ones are just plain cute so I must have that too.

DSC05308I almost squealed when I saw this! I finally found some Tim Holtz Ring binders! Eekk!! Ever since I saw how Cannycrafter up cycle her Studio Calico Project Life box, making it into a Mini, how cool was that! I just knew I want to do that since I have loads of empty SC boxes are just gathering dust.


Ever since I was a child I love looking and touching pretty papers, please tell me I’m not the only one. I so love the 6×6 paper pads at a fraction of the cost of the huge 12×12, I get all the pretty designs that I can incorporate in PL spreads. I got several paper pads namely Crate Paper Notes and Things, Shimelle and Allison Kreft Capture Life. There are a lot lovely paper pads available but I have to cut down my list or else I’d go broke! And besides its not like I have tons on space to put them into, living in a tiny apartment, space are very limited. I then grabbed quite a few items from Crate Paper Notes and Things collection. I got their journal card, sticker, and tags. They are just so cute, girly but not to girly.


I have a confession to make, aside from hoarding papers; I also hoard 6×8 albums specially when I see one with pretty designs and when there is an excellent deal. In my defense I am planning on creating mini albums on those. And I do use them to store my acrylic stamps. Though my album varies from SC handbook, Simple Stories Kraft, which is what I’m using now and WRMK insta albums, this is the first time I saw the Becky Higgins one and it sure is pretty. The color is just plain so amazing that I must have this and using it to house acrylic stamps.

If you managed to get to this point then I guess you’re a scrapbook nerd like me my friend and thank you for sharing a bit of your time till next post! I’m all talked out!

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