My Ikea Råskog

I’m a sort of OCD person; everything must have their proper place. I like buying organization materials like baskets, boxes and containers to house my every growing scrapbook supplies. I have tons of unused supplies mostly from last year’s Black Friday grab bags and Secret Santa exchange gifts. My tiny apartment is turning into crap room, I have boxes in every corner and it’s taking me a long time looking for the items that I want to use. I must do something to change this or else it takes the fun out of scrapbooking.

Scrappy Manila Ikea Råskog I’ve been eying on an Ikea Råskog cart for a long time now, seems like its been years that I want one of those. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and people at SC forum talks about them. what really caught my attention is their versatility, I can use them both for the kitchen or for my scrapping. How cool is that! I’m also in love with its teal color but I kept putting off buying it cause it’s a bit expensive here. In the US, it cost $50 but here the its around $100! I thought about ordering it through Ikea US site and send it though a door-to-door service but the hassle of it all seems too daunting. I thought about getting it in Hong Kong, I’d be there sometime this year but its bulky and heavy. I have no idea if its allowed to be hand carried in the plane cause there is no way that it weighs less than 20kg and I’m so not willing to pay for excess baggage fee. Ugh! It’s so much hassle for a kitchen cart, so I settled on the next best thing. I look around in my local home furnishing store but found nothing that fits perfectly as the Råskog does and the price difference of the ones I found aren’t that cheap either so might as well take the plunge and buy something that I really like and I found useful. I wanted something that would last me a long time. Its one of those things when my future children see it I’m sure they would think mama has cool stuff or not! Lol!

Through scouring IG in the middle of the night, I found an online seller here and I got one!! Woohoo!! Can you tell how exuberantly happy I am? I also got the Antonius insert to go with it. After a couple of weeks waiting, its finally here. My own little Råskog cart!! My first Ikea furniture!! If this is considered a furniture that is, anyway I’m so stoked!

Ikea Råskog came in this small box
Ikea Råskog came in this small box

First thing I did after I got home from work was to open the box and get cracking! I’m so glad that their instruction manual is very helpful and very easily understandable even for non-handy person like me. It’s good that it has big pictures and labels detailing which goes where.  After a couple of minutes, ta-dah! All done!

Ikea Råskog Easy Instruction Manual
Ikea Råskog Easy Instruction Manual

Along with the Råskog  cart, I also got the Antonius insert. Even though its purpose for me is not to house Project Life cards because I already got my CTMH organizer to do that for me. I plan to use this cart to house all my embellishments and thickers and it is so much better that this has wheels I can easily roll it wherever I go. Before my embellishments are all jumbled in a box so they tend to get lost and I would forget that I have one of those so I wouldn’t be able to use it. Now almost everything is within my reach so much better!

My scrap corner: Before & After comparison

Here is a before and after shot of my craft corner, though there are still a lot that needs to improve, more organizing on my part. this is one of those haphazard/impromtu organizing. Those you see in the boxes are some of my May and June SC kit that I haven’t open since I’m still killing my April kit.  I can’t wait to start scrapping again! Till next post!



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