Independence Day Mini Haul

Happy Independence Day Philippines!!!

Today we celebrated our independence day, which means no work holiday for corporate slave like me. Woohoo!!

I thought about scrapbooking over the holiday then I remember I need to pick up the CTMH organizers that I ordered though a scrapbook friend of mine. I must admit it was quite expensive and I was actually having a second thought if I would still get it but it was now or never. I’ve been searching for a perfect way to organize my PL cards and still be able to use them. This is indeed quite a splurge however, as my PL cards from Studio Calico kits and Becky Higgins Core kits I needed a more organized way to have them all in one place and be able to browse though them quickly and more efficiently. Currently, they are in boxes and are tucked away in my other scrapbook supplies. Which means I don’t get to use them as often as I should. Good thing that my friend was agreeable in dropping off my CTMH organizers at my local LSS, which I think the owner, is a good friend of hers. It was like shooting two birds with one stone! I get to shop and finally have my organizers!Scrappy Manila is one happy scrapperI hardly go to my LSS cause it is not very convenient especially if you don’t have your own car. I managed to go there twice last year and man oh man was it difficult to get a cab especially with all the scrapbook stuff I bought. Today since it is holiday my parents offered to drop me off there then we would go to the nearest shopping mall. I almost didn’t say yes cause it takes me hours in sorting out what I want to buy, to what I need to buy and I don’t want them to get bored and impatient. Throwing caution to the wind, I said yes, thinking I would hardly find any there since I just bought quite a few items along with with my SC June kit and the a couple more over at Mei Li Paperie, during their recent sale.

Within minutes of entering the store, I almost squealed with glee! You guessed it! I’m in deep trouble.

Scrappy Manila - Basic Grey's Kelly Purkey Mon Ami
Basic Grey’s Kelly Purkey Mon Ami

In their NEW ITEMS section, I saw Kelly Purkey’s Basic Grey line Mon Ami and they have the 6×6 paper pad! I adore that line been eyeing on it on the MP site but with my limited storage space, 12×12 paper pad are simply impractical. I also got the sticker that goes with the line and the BG Capture wood veneers. In my excitement to see all the new items I forgot to grab the Simple Stories burlap album, but no biggie since I stocked up on Studio Calico’s Handbook this month so I’m quite happy.

Scrappy Manila - Basic Grey Capture Wood Veneer
Basic Grey Capture Wood Veneer

Moving from the new section to the mixed section, this is where the not so new items and the oldies co-inhabit. First thing I checked out there are the Project Life kits. I’m looking for the squared page protectors but I got side tracked when I saw the WRMK Jet Set (Instagram size). I maybe biased here because I love travel themes but this is just darn cute!

Scrappy Manila - WRMK Jet Set Instagram Albums Made Easy
WRMK Jet Set Instagram Albums Made Easy

Moving deeper into the aisles, I saw a couple of Amy Tangerine Plus One line! In that section, I got the cute as a button tiny puffy stickers and sticker roll. That sticker roll is very popular and sold out very fast in other online site and I regretted not getting it before when it was offered for SC subbers. I also saw that they have the Kal Barteski Thickers that goes with this line, would have grabbed some but they didn’t have the black ones. I think the black ones are more versatile so for now I passed.

Scrappy Manila - Amy Tangerine Plus One
Amy Tangerine Plus One

Then I remember that I am looking for squared page protectors, Ate (the sales lady) ushered me into the album section and saw all the new yummy designs! In fairness, since the last time I was there the choices now are wonderful! They also have a handful of Studio Calico Handbooks! So cool!! LOL! That word keeps repeating in my head as I walk around and choosing what I want and need. I don’t need those at the moment and they aren’t on sale so passed up on those too. I just took a mental note on how much their albums are. For future reference *wink *wink!

Scrappy Manila - Studio Calico's Wanderlust, Printshop and Essential Collection
Studio Calico’s Wanderlust, Printshop and Essential Collection

Page protectors! I remind myself. Ate pointed me to the Studio Calico section. It’s a small wall but man oh man seeing those made me smile from ear to ear! I saw loads of Studio Calico embellishments from their previous lines Printshop, Essentials, Lemon Lush and Wanderlust. I grabbed a couple of Essential enamel dots, Wanderlust journal cards and label stickers! These grabs are one of those I didn’t know I want need them before so I didn’t order them online. I spied on Printshop and Lemon Lush 12×12 paper pads so I passed. Hopefully, they would get 6×6 pads soon! Hopefully when have their sale 😀

Can you see the pattern here? I constant forget that I am looking for page protectors, got distracted by other prettier things. In the end, I did forget it altogether. I went home with all that stuff but no page protector insight. All in all, it was a very satisfying trip even though I held back with my shopping, thinking I’ll just comeback during one of their annual sale. I got those stuff that I really need and really love. I came out with a sad wallet but happy spirit.

Oh and let’s no forget why I went there in the first place, my CTMH organizers. They are light and bulky at the same time. Am I so glad that my parents where their to fetch me. I could only imagine how awful it would be to take a cab with these in tow. I got 2 sizes one medium and the large one. Based on my researched the medium one is perfect to house the project life cards and the big one would be great for the 6×6 pads. Though I don’t have a lot of 6×6 pads, I currently have 3 paper pads and 3 more incoming! *grin I now that barely seems like a mess but since that organizer is not locally sold here I grabbed it. Now my search for “the perfect” PL organizer is over, I finally found it! Now I just need to create a card divider to keep all the kits within their respective lines. Ocd much LOL!

4 thoughts on “Independence Day Mini Haul

      1. My parents decided to go to GH today so they were able to drop us off at lasting, yey! I got the last stock ng SC labels. Glad I read this post, thank u! Love your blog!


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