Studio Calico in the Philippines

First of this is not a paid advertisement, no one from Studio Calico told me to write this or am I getting monetary from them.  I was inspired to do this because over the weekend, a lot of people are contacting me through my Instagram and asking me about my subscription to Studio Calico being in the Philippines in all, thus my title.

I will first give you a history on how I found Studio Calico, just because I like to blab…. and its my blog! 😀

ImageI remember middle of last year, I was looking for a kit club specifically for Project Life since I really really want to start my own. Though there are local scrapbook store here in Manila and some online sellers in facebook, I still felt the need to subscribe cause every month I would always have a new product line and what’s more important for me is that the kit would look cohesive without too much effort on my part. It takes the stress out of it, I tried traditional scrapbooking before and didn’t feel like it. My effort lasted about a month after that I just let it go. Moreover, the local scrapbook stores sells products that are not my style they are more into florals and stuff…ewww so not me. Though one shop sells sort of some of the new products that are from my fave designers but buying each item at separate retail price and having have to go physically go there is so not useful for me. Not only the place is far away from where I live so when I do pop in the store, it got to be something of a shopping spree to make my travel time and taxi fare worth the effort.

Then comes Studio Calico to save the day or so to speak. Lol!  ThoughI must admit I didn’t subscribe at once but did a lot of lurking specially in the forum. I love how the people there are so open to share what they know and are quite generous and I have been blessed to have found such community! Now that I think of it, it might have been one of the reasons why I sub, all that awesomeness and kindness lured me in! Haha! 😀

Anyway, for my fellow countrymen who wants to know about subbing to Studio Calico, this is what I can honestly say. Some months the kits are not my favorite but there are some months that I love everything in my kit! Some of the frequently asked questions that I got are:

Q. How much is the shipping fee?

A. Shipping fee for Project Life kit is $8.99 per month. If you add more shop items like add-ons the shipping fee will increase depending on what’s inside you cart.

Q. How long does it take for Studio Calico to deliver in the Philippines?

A. In my personal experience, Regular shipping – takes them 10-15 days to get to Manila.
While UPS Expedited shipping – takes 7-10 days.

Q. Does it get delivered door-to-door or what?

A. Regular shipping usually means NO tracking number and just wait for the Postal Notice and you would go to the Post Office and go get your item with a fee of P 50.00. You would know if this month’s subscription will be regular shipping or not by the shipping amount. Anything less than $20.00 shipping charge are ship via regular shipping. You can also verify this by the shipping notice you would get from Studio Calico, if your shipping notice indicates a tracking number then lucky you, it means your package is being shipped UPS Expedited meaning you can get your item much faster and you can track your package live! (Am I sounding a bit too excited or what? )

Now I hope I answered most of your questions through this non-stop rambling, in case you need more info just leave me a comment and I will get back to you asap or you can read up more about it at their FAQ page which is actually very helpful.

A tiny little favor though, incase I have inspire you to take the plunge and do subscribe, do so by clicking this little link. I promise its a win-win situation for both of us. Let me explain, by subscribing using this little link, both of us will earn 500 points which converts to $5 spending money for our add-ons!



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