Week 4 – Game Night

Week 4 is short and sweet! I got to meet a couple of soccer/model celebrity c/o my friend M. M is such a soccer fan and she crushing over this one player (hint: the guy in orange). I just went to I have additional pictures for the week but of course I wanted to see my friends too! Of course! 😀 This was also my first time watching soccer so its basically killing two birds with one stone!

Scrappy Manila - Project Life Philippines - Wood Veneers
I ♥ Wood Veneers!

I am slowly learning what I like and don’t like when doing my project life spreads, if I got loads of picture for one event I always put them in little frames specially when they are a bit low quality since it was taken with a phone camera and during low light. That is not a good combo and it wasn’t like I have loads of thing to say about there photos so dumping them in a pocket is sufficient enough. I also learned that I love keeping tickets and other souvenirs that I can put inside the pockets in accompaniment with my photos. Have I mentioned how addicted to enamel dots and wood veneers, I am?? I love LOVE using them! Anywhere I can sticked them to but of course I have to restrained myself from time to time cause there is a line between pretty and tacky. I wouldn’t want to crossed that line. As you can see a week does not need to be a two page thing to be considered a spread. It wasteful for me and I actually like it when my week fits into 1 page.

Scrappy Manila - Project Life Philippines - Enamel Dots
Can you see what a little enamel dots can do?

I love how colorful my current  Studio Calico kit and as you can see I am still obsessively using Amy Tangerine templates and sewing like crazy! My embellishments are mainly wood veneers, puffy stickers and enamel dots!

That’s all for now, time to face the real world again!

Scrappy Manila - Project Life Philippines - Week 4


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