Washi Tape Organizer

Look what I got!!! The little OC finally took the plunge and ask E to make me a washi rack for my growing collection. With my current Studio Calico sub, I just feel like this would help me organize my stash and with my washis on display it makes me want to use them. After having so much fun with this washi rack, we decided to share this product with everyone! Scrappy Manila is born. We decided to do this because there are a lot of washi lovers here in the Philippines cause they are pretty and relatively cheap!

Scrappy Manila - Washi Tape Rack

I know my washi “collection” cannot compete with other people’s washi collection but ever since joining Studio Calico, sort of learned how to appreciate and use washi. The choices are actually overwhelming so I try not to buy every other color that I want. I try to control the impulse to buy something that I don’t really really love. It got to be something that I cannot live without haha I’m being too over dramatic I know. So far my washi tapes are from Studio Calico, freckled fawn and mt washi which I got from my recent trip to HK last year. The MT tapes that I saw in one section is so awesome!! It was on display and filled up 4-5 long tables! Amazing!

Do check out and buy this amazing product from Scrappy Manila. It’s really cool for those living in small apartments and its just plain cute! Need I say more?


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