Week 4 – Game Night

Week 4 is short and sweet! I got to meet a couple of soccer/model celebrity c/o my friend M. M is such a soccer fan and she crushing over this one player (hint: the guy in orange). I just went to I have additional pictures for the week but of course I wanted to see my friends too! Of course! 😀 This was also my first time watching soccer so its basically killing two birds with one stone!

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Scrappy Manila - Washi Tape Rack

Washi Tape Organizer

Look what I got!!! The little OC finally took the plunge and ask E to make me a washi rack for my growing collection. With my current Studio Calico sub, I just feel like this would help me organize my stash and with my washis on display it makes me want to use them. After having so much fun with this washi rack, we decided to share this product with everyone! Scrappy Manila is born. We decided to do this because there are a lot of washi lovers here in the Philippines cause they are pretty and relatively cheap!

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Week 3 Busy Week

Before starting a PL spread, I always think about my “week” card and want to make it more special. Look what a few sequins and enamel stars can do! It makes the page look more special. I love that as I do this spread I get reminded what happened during the past week. It may sound weird but as I go about my week I always think of what to include in my spread. So for example, I went to some awesome place I see it that I took some photos that I can use.

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Week 2 Happy Mail

Happy Mail Week!!! I love receiving happy mails from all over the world! I can’t wait to tear into my mail as soon as I get them and worry later when I get my credit card bill!! Moreover, what could be more fun that feature the food that I like and don’t like. I imagine myself flipping through my album when I’m all old and grey and seeing if my taste change very much.

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