Week One – The Begining

I have a confession to make, I think I’m getting too addicted to Project Lifing. Not only am I stalking Studio Calico, TwoPeas and A Cherry on Top for new scrapbook items would take me ages before I get my hands on them. I also do my project life at night when everybody is quiet (except my upstairs neighbor), not only that I often find myself awake till 3am in the morning finishing up my spread.

For this spread I use a lot of Becky Higgins Midnight Edition Core Kit as the base, I love using this kit because of the neutral color so it goes with any picture and embellishments. For most of the “titles”, I used Simple Stories Cardstock stickers, I love these because for a couple hundred pesos I got 8 full sheets of alpha stickers and in 8 different colors! Its a simple way of adding pops of color to any spread. After laying out everything, I bring out my bottles of trinkets. Like most scrapbookers/project lifers as some would say are crazy about wood veneers and enamel dots I mean just add a few of them here and there and you’d see it brings something special to a page. Another thing that I surprisingly love is using some washi tapes, just a little accents to my cards. I find it weird that washi tapes that I find locally are less tacky than those from freckled fawn, studio calico or MT washi tapes.

Since I don’t have a home printer yet what I do is take picture of everything and log them down in my planner. In the end of a day I think hmm..is there something I want to remember in the future. If there’s none, its ok with me I don’t stress myself out that I need to have an entire spread every week. It kind of surprise me that I can actually fill in a full spread didn’t think that it was that of a busy week.



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