My First Card

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in crafts but quite recently I’m embracing it more often than I used to. Maybe because now I can afford it and the designs are not as iky as before. I remember always watching Carol Duvall’s show after school. I’ve been always the watcher and less the doer as I always say I basically have an idea how things are done and when I have to do it myself its actually a different ball game.

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Freckled Fawn First Online Annual Sale

For a scrapbooker like me, who reads and talks about scrapbooking to anyone who would listen, this pink fawn is an absolute favourite! Known in the scrapbook world for their awesome and cute embellishments, almost anyone I know sings their praises. Now of course for me cuteness is not the only factor, I have to think about the shipping fee. I always told myself that I don’t need those cute embellishments what I get from my Studio Calico Project Life¬†subscription kit is more than enough. It is but sometimes you want to add that extra something, in my case a wood veneer is always good. In my eyes it adds a cuteness factor that I can’t get from a chipboard.

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