So It Begins

Have no idea what I'm doing
Have no idea what I’m doing!!

I don’t know whats wrong with me before I do anything I always do a LOT of reasearch by watching a lot of tutorials and videos online then I HAVE to attend a class. I know right. A class for Project life? One of the reason why I love project life is the ease of use compared to normal scrapbooking but I somehow cannot start a single layout. I get overwhelmed with products and the PL kits that I want to have. Anyway, for my first Project Life class I decided on Lasting Impression’s I {Heart} Summer class which features kit from Simple Stories.

Getting the hang of it..YES!
Getting the hang of it..YES!

Honestly few days before the class, I was thinking of ways to back out of it. Thinking that my money would be wasted since its just PL anything goes right? Well actually true. However, in the class the ladies there are really into scrapbooking way more than I am, so I got this scrapbooking vibe that I loved. I got to create a couple of spreads during the session. I picked the trip I went with my friends last year during the holidays in Bataan. It was simple yet I had so much fun and we took a lot of photos. Choosing which one to print out is one of the hardest task in making a spread, next is decising which one goes where.

Spread 1
Spread 1

As you can see from the spread, I don’t have journalings done yet. I just laid out the pictures and the filler cards. Funny thing is after doing this, I felt as if I’m so good at it but honestly it was easy.

Spread 2
Spread 2

Materials I used are:

  1. Simple Stories: I {Heart} Summer Collection kit
  2. Simple Stories: I {Heart} Summer Chipboard Stickers
  3. Freedom Photo Sleeves Protectors
I Heart Summer Kit Simple Stories
Materials I used

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