I {Heart} Summer Class

Lasting Impression I Heart Summer Project Life Class
Lasting Impression I Heart Summer Project Life Class

This Saturday I had a break from my Pastry class which is a n excellent timing since that would mean I’m free to attend the I {Heart} Summer scrapbooking session held at Lasting Impression in San Juan. I’ve been itching to get my hands on those kits since a couple of months ago and they are always sold out! Even on 2peas they are sold out! So this is now or never.

I went to the class armed with a scissor, tape adhesive, photos and a map. A map? yes because I have no idea how to go there and sometimes “Manong” taxi drivers takes advantage specially when they know you are not familiar with the place. Its a waste of my time and money.

The scrap room itself is gorgeous! You can see from my photos, the whole room is filled with layouts after layouts from previous instructors. I do apologize for my sucky pictures since I took them using my ancient iPhone 3Gs, it definitely needs an upgrade. They are really amazing but honestly I have too many photos and don’t have much time to do such layouts. I love to admire them though.

more layouts

The class was compose of a bunch of ladies who seem to know one another by name already, which made me feel like interloper. They seem nice bunch of people but honestly speaking the instructor lacks social skills, we didn’t even get to introduced ourselves so I have no idea what does ladies do. During the class, I don’t even know their names!!! I found out by stalking the facebook page and clicking on the names. Haha! 😀 I’m being stalkerish!

I learned my lesson not to set my expectations too high. Sort of what I was expecting, we just scraplift the instructor’s pages and that’s it. The ladies there are so game! They just keep on scraplifting and asking what product is that from. So not me.

Up next is the PL spreads that I was able to make during this class.

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