Scrapping Bug Bit Me!

Studio Calico Promo
Studio Calico Promo

OMG! the scrapping bug bit me! A few years back when everybody is crazed about scrapbooking I was like oh that’s just a waste of time and money. these corporations are just there to get your money. I did dabble in a bit scrapbooking, I even took up one class and found it a bit tideious since for a page, I had to do all those layering of photos? so not for me. I manage to complete one for my Godmother’s 70th birthday I must admit compared to other scrapbookers mine is like cut and paste. I myself is not that much proud with it. As I was doing it I didn’t get that satisfaction or contentment as you should in doing any hobby.

Years has passed by then few months back I saw Becky Higgins’ Project Life product. I was intrigued. And when I get intrugued I can become quite obessive. I’ve read about it watched videos about it. I though Nah those PL cards look so generic. Then just 3 weeks ago, I saw journal cards from other brands that is suited for the PL page protectors! I am now going crazy wanting to get my hands on Simple Stories I {Heart} Summer and Say Cheese! I’ve asked couple of scrapbook supply sellers that I know and they don’t have those. so those are in my want list.

Simple Stories Say Cheese
Simple Stories Say Cheese

To make matters worst, I stumbled upon Studio Calico. SC is an online scrapbook store that sells this awesome looking kits from various scrapbook designers and they also sells individual add-on stuff that you might need to complete your design. What I love about SC is that it has this Community of scrapbookers around the world! There I gain few scrapping friends who are here in Manila and does confirm my scrapping PL dilema and I manage to find a PL supplier in Hong Kong! That is the country we usually frequent specially during the holiday season since its cold and just a few hours flight from Manila.

Last night came the clincher that ended my denial, I received an amazing deal on SC that if I subscribe now not only will I get 1 PL kit I get TWO! But wait there is more! I can get FREE International shipping as well! as long as I don’t exceed $99! I slept on it and when I woke up this morning I actually thought that I just dreamt it. I quickly checked my inbox and yep! Its there its true! I’m so happy! I was actually stalking SC site for two weeks now. Everyday I drop by their site and oggle on the kits and check out the community. I was torn between which kit to get the July one or the August one. Now I don’t have to choose! I can have them both! Plus! since I would get free shipping, I order a couple of PL variety packs just to sweeten the deal. I know that also means I get the recurring charge of $20+ for the future monthly kits but then again, after 6 months if I don’t like it I can always stop the subscription free of charge. I have a huge feeling that I will love them. I’m one of those people who loves to take pictures but no patience or what so ever to look at it though my computer screen. I want to remember all those memories and the only way to do that is by scrapbooking and I think that with the PL system I would enjoy scrapbooking more.

Now I’ll be waiting for my postman to deliver my kits from SC and did I mention that I got a few from Etsy as well? Man this new hobby is deadly on my pocket I need to set a limit on my spending as early as possible. I think less than 4,000 pesos (approx.$90) a month is a lot huh? So I’m aiming for every other month since shipping fee is way too expensive to buy little stuff alone.

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